Teaching with Kidspiration

Kidspiration 3 uses visual learning to strengthen reading and writing skills, build conceptual understanding in math and develop thinking skills across the curriculum.

  • Reading and Writing
    • Symbol library: 3000+ symbols to offer visual support for concepts
    • Symbol search: students can search for symbols by keyword
    • Word guide: combination dictionary and thesaurus that includes definitions, synonyms and antonyms, parts of speech, sample sentences, and recorded speech to guide pronunciation of words
    • Enhanced audio support: Students are able to express and document their ideas by recording their voice.
    • Demonstration: Ways to Help Our Earth
  • Math View
    • Color Tiles: solve area and perimeter problems, model number patterns
    • Pattern Blocks: produce patterns and tessellations, experiment with symmetry, represent fractions
    • Base Ten Blocks: understand place value and strengthen number sense
    • Fraction Tiles: compare and order fractions, understand equivalent fractions
    • Fraction Boxes: represent fractions visually
    • Demonstration: Building a Number
  • Educator-developed resources
    • 150+ activity templates
  • Online Resources
    • Teacher Menu> Teacher Resources Online> Lesson Plans
    • Teacher Tube: Search for Kidspiration. Here are some ways it can be used for Earth Day:

Now, explore Kidspiration on your own and see how many ways you can use it with your students.

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